Deep Excavation

          In cases where the soil type is insufficient to carry the forces coming from the structure and it is not possible to improve it with soil improvement methods, the structure should be placed on piled deep foundation systems instead of shallow foundation systems.


          Soiltechnic makes reliable and economical projects with the most appropriate deep foundation system to be selected according to the ground characteristics in the field, keeping the needs of the project in the foreground. Our firm also provides consultancy on production quality control and monitoring after production with the programming of all capacity and quality tests to be performed after manufacturing.

Deep Foundations

Ground stresses that cannot bear the building load can not meet the

stresses due to occur (ie loads on the ground the stresses are greater

than the ground safety stress) on weak soils; If the solid ground that

can carry the building loads is too deep to be able to improve a healthy ground, deep foundations are formed in order to ensure that the solid ground can carry the building loads.