About Us


        Soiltechnic applies current developments and technologies in geotechnical and ground engineering subjects; It is an assertive ground, engineering and contracting company which is a solution partner to its customers by realizing safe, high quality and economical designs.


        It continues to develop by maintaining its vision and values ​​in the projects it undertakes with its strong and wide machinery park and its expert staff. It adopts an empathy approach towards its customers and feels responsible for the optimization of its intended operations in line with the demands of its customers.

Adopting the principle that the protection of trade is based on human values, it has adopted the slogan “respect to Human" as company policy.


        Soiltechnic continues its activities in all fields of activity by increasing its success thanks to the following working principles and company values:
• Equipped machinery and equipment track.
• Experienced and trained workforce.
• Technical staff and knowledge to design and implement at the highest level.
• Making HSE and Quality Management the indispensable principle of the company.
• Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level.
• Safe, high quality and cost effective project planning and execution; presenting the shortest possible deadlines to the solution partners and following the work schedule prepared.
• A team consisting of people who are conscious of moral and ethical values, and a teamwork with high responsibility.